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Home Inspection

We perform non-invasive, multi-scope home inspections and provide a thorough, accurate and unbiased assessment of the property’s condition.

How It Works

A home inspection is typically 2 hours long, depending on the size and condition of the house.

My visual inspection includes the grounds, foundation, structure, windows, roof, electrical, plumbing systems, HVAC system and interior fit and finish. I operate every door, faucet, toilet, window and everything in between. Not only am I looking for structural defects, but I am also looking for moisture intrusion as well.

Your Report

You are invited to meet with your inspector after the inspection for a hard copy of the report and a hands-on walk-through to explain any defects and systems noted in the report.

A printable report will be emailed to you within 24 hours.


We do not perform the repairs but would be happy to point you to professionals in our contractor referral network.

John, Your Inspector


I've worked in the construction industry alongside my father for the past 18 years, building new homes, additions and remodels. This has reinforced my expertise in home inspections.

I chose the best inspection software that would deliver an easy-to-understand report. I include photos of defects that are in hard to access areas and that are hard to understand. I try to keep my fees simple and low but I will always keep my home inspections at the highest standard.

Schedule: ​916.425.6249​​

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